Learn About the Best Football Teams in the World

Footballer taking a shot for the goal

The best football teams in the world (for European football) for 2017 are Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. Four players from each of these teams were listed in the Premier League Team of the Year standings for this year. In addition, both of the teams are strong contenders for the 2017 title. A few notable omissions from the Premier League Team of the Year standings for 2017 were Arsenal’s forward, Alexis Sanchez, and Man U striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Chelsea team members added to this prestigious list were midfield and defense players. Tottenham high scorer, Harry Kane, also made in onto the list. Information about the Premier League Team of the Year was shared with the general public via PFA’s Twitter profile.

Now that we know which Premier League squads are excelling this year, let’s take a closer look at each one…


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Facts

This football club is usually referred to as Spurs or Tottenham. It’s an English team and its home, as the team name suggests, is Tottenham, Haringey, London. This Premier League team’s home stadium is Wembley, which is known for its massive size and scale. The team is managed by Mauricio Pochettino.

This team was created in 1882, when a group of players from the Hotspur Cricket Club decided to create a new team, Hotspur FC, in order to be able to enjoy some sporting activity during the cold-weather months. In 1984, the team’s name became Tottenham Hotspur. The name change happened because, with this old name, the team was sometimes mistaken for another football club called London Hotspur.


Get the Inside Scoop on Chelsea FC

This football club is a pro football team which comes from Fulham, London. This English squad tests its mettle in the same Premier League that Tottenham Hotspur competes in. Chelsea FC was founded way back in 1905 and its home ground is Stamford Bridge arena. Managed by Antonio Conte, this team really pulls in the fans. It’s known for having one of the highest attendance levels for Premier League football teams.


Watch European Football Today

If you want to watch the best football teams in the world, be sure to tune into some Premier League games on TV, or try to attend a few games in person this season. The only months where you’ll find it difficult to access football action from Premier League teams are June and July. These hard-working players take some time off during the summer months!