Best Football Goal Videos on YouTube

Football is the most popular sport in the world. As the players and fans say, it is the most beautiful game. Every sport has the right to make such a claim but it is perhaps football that epitomizes the saying. Indeed, no other sport is played across as many nations and by as many people as football. Needless to say, everything associated with the game becomes important. The game has provided us millions of moments of ecstasy and disappointment. The sheer joy and the sheer sadness are both inexplicable. Then there are thrills, that don’t necessarily have to be confined to fandom. There are feats throughout the history of football that don’t need you to be a fan of a particular team or a player to appreciate. Most of these feats have been about amazing goals. Here are the best football goal videos on YouTube. (Note – The list is concise and hence excludes many memorable goals)


A great compilation video of the best goals from YouTube

This amazing video currently has 5.1 million views on YouTube, but don’t take the views into consideration as this video would still be amazing even if it only had 1 view! and on the other hand some people have been known to pay for YouTube views which is a method used to increase views on a YouTube video.


Other fantastic goals

  • Dennis Bergkamp played for his national team, the Netherlands (aka Holland), and he mesmerized the Arsenal fans. Many people around the world who followed football became fans of Arsenal because of this man. Bergkamp is counted as one of the greats of all time, regardless of the type of list you are making. The millennial generation may not know why Bergkamp is so popular. One only needs to check out a few samples.


  • Pelé, the legend and the wizard from Brazil, was honored as the athlete of the twentieth century. He has dozens of amazing goals and many of them are actually not on YouTube. He played in an era when every house did not have a television. While YouTube has many videos of Pele and quite a few of his amazing goals, one goal in particular, against Juventus when he played for Santos, is what he considers to be his absolute best. There is a CGI recreation of this goal on YouTube.


  • Brazil has churned out one great footballer after another. It was actually a machine once upon a time that produced football legends, from Pele and Socrates to Garincha and Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos to the phenomenal Ronaldinho. Roberto Carlos played for Brazil and Real Madrid. He was one of the finest strikers of the ball. A classic left back, he could fly along the wings of the pitch and launch a ball that only the cameras could catch, in slow motion during replays. This Roberto Carlos free kick is one of the greatest of all time. It doesn’t just defy physics. It actually makes us go bonkers and questions our understanding of the game.


  • Diego Maradona of Argentina was in a league of his own. This goal remains one of the best, not just of Maradona but in the history of football. The successor of his pedigree, Lionel Messi, also has some similar goals. His and Christiano Ronaldo’s goals are obviously among the best football goal videos on YouTube. You should also check out Zindane’s goal against Deportivo and this Roberto Carlos stunner.